CorgiDS v0.1, looking for help with Windows/Linux builds

The time has come! CorgiDS is now ready to venture into public scrutiny. This means I have released the source code as well (but no builds yet, read below for more details).


Here’s some of what CorgiDS v0.1 has to offer:

  • A mostly-complete 2D engine
  • Software 3D rendering. Missing many features but works okay for many games
  • Ability to toggle frameskip and framelimiter on/off
  • Booting games directly or from the firmware
  • Reading from the AKAIO save database

An OS X build is ready to go. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to either a Windows or Linux machine. Therefore, I am seeking assistance with providing builds for both (or at the very least, Windows). If you have Qt installed and are willing to assist the project, please contact me through GitHub (linked below). I will help with any compilation errors, although it shouldn’t be very hard to get things working.

I will withhold the OS X build for now until I have something for Windows, so the actual release may not happen for another couple of days. In the meantime, here’s the project GitHub!


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