Feature chill

Not a whole lot remains until the release for CorgiDS. In fact, I plan to release it relatively soon for the curious.

I’ve stopped adding on to the emulator itself, and instead, I’ve been focusing on optimization. I’ve separated the GUI and emulation into separate threads, which has produced a massive speedup. Every 2D game now goes well above 60 FPS, and 3D games now reach a playable state. I don’t have a good way to actually measure FPS yet as the emulation thread has no frame limiter, but that’s on the list of tasks I’m performing. Some code cleanup has also helped with speed, but nothing drastic.

Unfortunately, the code cleanup has given birth to another stupid bug. Tetris DS is overflowing the position matrix stack on the GPU when it wasn’t doing that before. I can’t just ignore it because it produces a hideous flicker effect. I think the problem lies in the CPU, but I’m still hunting for it. That needs to get fixed as I don’t know if any other games are affected.

What else? I’ve added a framework for HLE BIOS emulation: in the future, this means you won’t have to dump the BIOS and firmware from a DS in order to play games on CorgiDS. While it has a few functions already implemented, I’m keeping it turned off for v0.1 so that it can’t be mis-used. I’m also trying to figure out a way to handle fatal errors in the course of emulation without having to crash the program… it’s difficult to figure out something that keeps the emulator core and frontend decoupled. I still need to add a window for configuring the save size of a game as well. Last but not least, I need to upload the source code to GitHub and find someone to help create builds outside of OS X.

It’s not quite a feature freeze, but things are cooling down for the holiday season. 🙂



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