Change of plans

The goals in my previous post will have to be delayed for a little bit. While I’m not interested in making this a personal blog, I feel that it is my responsibility to tell my readers about events that will affect the progress of CorgiDS.

Simply put, this week I have started a full-time job. I have underestimated how much time this eats out of my day, so I’ve been working on adjusting my schedule and doing work-related things. For this reason, I have not had much free time at all, let alone any time to work on the emulator.

Please note that I have no intentions on giving up on the project! CorgiDS is still very dear and important to me. I simply need to make some time to organize my life. This won’t take relatively long, and at most I’ll be continuing work on the emulator (and article) next week. I will of course keep you guys updated if anything unexpected comes up. Thank you for understanding.


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